The Q uniquely manages and protects your critical desktop environment, while non-disruptively maximizing system performance and capacity as application needs change. Organizations of any size wanting to leverage desktop virtualization with the Q will realize the following features and benefits:

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  • Transform costly IT capital investments into a manageable monthly operating expense
  • Includes Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus, anti-virus software, and eliminates the need for costly enterprise software license agreements
  • Support existing user and custom applications - on any Windows or Linux platform
  • Reduce security risk and the cost and complexity to meet compliance mandates
  • Eliminate the need for costly hardware refresh or upgrades - supports all PC, Mac, Smartphone, iPhone and iPad devices
  • Provide daily backups and 80GB storage per desktop - allocated individually or across the enterprise at no additional fees
  • Customize user experience, with high levels of consistency, reliability, and uniformity (e.g., no disruptions due to software upgrades, virus infections, non-responsive applications, or frozen screens)
  • Reduce data center energy costs and meet corporate sustainability objectives by improving utilization of existing assets
  • Increase your return on investment related to IT expenses (personnel, equipment, and software), facilities use, energy consumption, user downtime (during transition and following), and security risk
  • Fulfill corporate and government mandates to reduce your organization's carbon footprint by improving hardware utilization
  • Deliver transparent user transitions - with minimal training or preparation required


Utilize the Q Cloud Fabric to deliver complete application life cycle.

  • Develop apps in Q Developer Desktop
  • Spin up dev enviornments for testing
  • Debug your application without affecting production environments
  • Host you production environment on Q vServers
  • Utilize all the latest and greatest app dev tools
  • Make residuals by reselleling Q Desktops and vServers to your clients with the Q Developer Channel Program

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